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If you’re an author, info marketer or publisher and your sick and tired of producing events or content that only a few people consume and you would like to make more money podcasting, then you should learn about Podcast Secrets.  Podcast Secrets is a system for monetizing podcasts developed by Paul Colligan and Alex Mandossian.

Paul Colligan and Alex Mandossian have taken the Podcast concept to new heights because their new and improved system for Podcast Monetization lets you connect directly with your readers and audiences with nothing more than a telephone in your hand!

To introduce Podcast Secrets, Paul and Alex are having a special teleseminar, where they will be covering

  • The 8 reasons why Podcasting brings them, and can bring you, a critical business (and profit) advantage.
  • 7 secrets to producing profitable Podcasting content in the fastest possible time.
  • 9 marketing channels for the Podcasters … and how to leverage each one.
  • The 6-Step Podcast Monetization Roadmap
  • How to part-the-curtain on the listening habits of your audience, and leverage that knowledge to produce profitable audience action.
  • At least 5 things, you can implement today that will integrate your Podcast content into your business structure … and how to see results almost instantly.
  • 7 steps to getting your Podcast audience to take the very actions you want them to take.

The guys were kind enough to provide me with a discount code that will save you $79.

Sign up quick – the call is Thursday, April 9, 2009 @ 6p Pacific / 9p Eastern

You can still get the recording of the call at the link below.

Click here now to register for the teleseminar.

Your VIP Discount Code is: “PC916″
(Saves you $79 from the normal $99 tuition)

Click Here to See the Full Podcast Secrets Class

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