Is There a Future For TV?

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In the first session at the Future of Television Conference, held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California, was full of stats and data from analysts at SmithGeiger, Parks Associates and Magid Associates.

The bottom line – the internet has caught up with TV for entertainment use. TV viewing is down by about 2 hours from last year, with most of the increase being in watching online video.

The interesting thing is that there is lots of data to suggest that TV and Internet media reinforce each other. Much of the online activity revolves around catching up with what’s going on with TV shows. Watching shows you missed is a highly popular use of online video.

There appears to be a future for TV, but one quite different from that of the past. TV won’t be the single dominant entertainment channel. It’s going to have to share prime time with the Internet.

You can follow what’s going on via Twitter search.  Just search for #FOTV.


# Mike Vorhaus (Magid Advisors) Presentation:
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# Seth Geiger (SmithGeiger) Presentation:
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2 thoughts on “Is There a Future For TV?

  1. This is contrary to Nielsen’s reports that TV viewing is at an all-time high and online viewing is not eroding it…