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Personal Life MediaI spoke with Susan Bratton, CEO of Personal Life Media, the other day and Susan told me about an exciting new widget that they are launching. Normally, I wouldn’t pay much attention to a new widget, but this one seems really interesting because it introduces a new distribution mechanism for downloadable media that has the potential to make downloadable media much more attractive to advertisers.

By way of background, Susan told me that they were working on ways to connect more effectively with brand advertisers and found real interest from the marketers in putting content from Personal Life Media right on the brand marketers’ web sites.  That led to the development of Personal Life Media’s new brandable player widget which can be loaded with up to five RSS feeds for audio podcasts and customized by color and size to match any web site.  Just like most widgets, the player can be embedded in blogs, Facebook, Myspace and anywhere else you want to use it.  Not only can you customize the player, the widget enables the the brand to be the exclusive sponsor of the podcast content in the customized player.

Imagine the new pitch to advertisers, we give you content you can use on your site, you get your own branded player that your enthusiast supporters can reuse and you get to the be the exclusive advertiser on content played through the branded player.  This gives the marketers some really interesting new ways to engage visitors to the site and gives Personal Life Media the ability to reuse its content on other players with different marketing programs.

New Podcast Player WidgetAt launch, they will have a number of brands using the widget including

  • AccuQuote has integrated their “Life Insurance Podcast” along with four shows from Personal Life Media including “Aging Gratefully,” “GreenTalk Radio,” “Living Green” and “Coaching by the Life Coach.”  The player can be found on their multimedia page and their corporate blog.
  • CardScan is distributing “Evolutionary Sales,” “Conscious Business,” “Money, Mission and Meaning,” and “Coaching by the Life Coach” in their customized player.
  • Oceanus Naturals is providing “Just For Women,” “Tantra & Kama Sutra,” “Sex Love & Intimacy,” “Expanded Lovemaking” and “Fearless Lover” to site site visitors.
  • Sinclair Institute is offering a series of five relationship shows on their Sinclair University site at
  • Zen by Design, makers of meditation chairs, is featuring “Buddhist Geeks,” “The New Man,” “Living Dialogues,” “Living Green” and “GreenTalk Radio” on their site at along with a group of relationship shows on
  • Music discovery publisher IndieFeed is using two customized players to distribute their 7 weekly music shows on Facebook and MySpace in addition to offering the widget for their fans to get and share for free at

Even more exciting is that Personal Life Media is making this brandable player available to other podcasters. Here’s a sample of the player I built using their widget builder.

Powered by Personal Life Media

According to the press release:

The widget creator at is free for any company, podcaster or content fan. Fees may be involved if a marketer wants to offer shows from Personal Life Media that exclusively feature the brand’s messages. Otherwise, the shows will feature existing sponsor’s ads.

Three simple steps customize your player:

  1. Select up to five RSS feeds for audio podcasts.
  2. Customize the player’s color and background, pick a size and add a logo.
  3. Click “Get” and insert it directly on a blog, website and more than 20 social media services.  Any time a visitor to the brand’s site wants to “get” the widget for their own site, blog or social media page, the sponsor’s logo will be displayed along with the podcasts that include the sponsor’s marketing messages.

personal life media widget
I look forward to seeing how this changes the way marketers think about downloadable media.

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