Social Media Marketing at SeaWorld

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SeaWorld Blog logoSocial media can be a very effective mechanism for marketing as shown in this video case study produced by Shel Israel as part of The campaign was put together by SeaWorld San Antonio and focused on a pre-launch campaign for a new ride at the park called Journey to Atlantis.

They put up a WordPress blog and uploaded raw content to Flickr and YouTube. They then worked the online communities focused on roller coasters to get the word out.

This is an excellent example of a simple, highly focused campaign and a well orchestrated effort to measure the results.

This type of campaign shows that social media can be woven into your marketing efforts with practical and relatively straightforward methods. I’ve captured some screen shots below and a sample of a YouTube video to help provide some perspective on the project.

Here’s what the blog looked like:

SeaWorld Blog

And a video from YouTube.

And some of pictures from Flickr.

Seaworld flickr shots
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2 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing at SeaWorld

  1. Great article but I have one question?

    How successful was this campaign? Is there any data showing its success?



  2. Nice article.. Yes..,social media is really an effective way for marketing strategy. As what peter ask, is it really a successful campaign?