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Carson DalyA traditional media guy by day and a new media student by night, Carson Daly spoke at Future of Television.

He describes how due to budget constraints he has had to figure out how to make his show work at 5 times the productivity of other shows. The tools and skills of the online content creators have proven that it can be done. Quality TV can be made for much less.

As for TV, it’s not dead. That’s crap.

Every one of those kids dancing in front of their webcams wants to be on TV.

Carson describes the early days of cable when shows and channels were very fragmented and later were consolidated to make it easier to buy and sell advertising. He thinks that in a similar way we are in the early fragmented days of the Internet.

Carson describes how CarsonDaly.TV has become a new channel for him with 2 million views. This dot TV site has created a new way for fans, bands and others to reach him and his audience. He says he used to get crappy tape versions of talent sent to him. Now he gets high quality multimedia packages from talent that wants to get his attention.

The biggest difference now is distribution. TV’s job now, is to find the audience. If you want to find a 30 year old male they can be found, you just have to know where to look.

Carson goes out of his way to complement Hulu as an elegant design and an amazing new way to distribute his show.

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