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Bud - Tony Ponturo head shotTony Ponturo, President and CEO of Busch Media Group, spoke at the Future of Television conference. Tony observed the increasing complexity of marketing as the number of channels has exploded from the basic three back in 1972 to hundreds of thousands today with the web.

At the same time, the consumers are getting more sophisticated, diverse and elusive. Tony describes how the demographics of college markets are changing rapidly, in particular the increasing share of women in the college ranks and how that will change their marketing in the future.

He goes on to describe the rise of UGC and changing consumer media habits. Today, adults 21-34 consume over 58 hours of media each week (28+ hours on TV) . The internet has risen to 6.4 hours per week on average, and it consumes an average of 8.5 hours per week for those that have Internet access.

In the 80′s and 90′s, “consumers had to come to us”. In the latter 90′s through today, you need to go to the consumers. You need to find the consumer. While 90% of media spend is still on traditional sources, almost every deal needs to integrate into the digital space in some way.

Tony described the example of Swear Jar, which was originally done for the Super Bowl, but was considered too racy for TV given the bleeped out language. They bought 6.2 million views on Yahoo and Break. It then got 2.7 million more views on YouTube.

Tony showed the original internet spots for the Dude campaign which allowed the creative team to develop something unique, which then led to TV commercials with the same theme.

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TV strategies are focused on Tivo proof TV such as big events and sports which have managed to retain their audiences. He sees an increasing shift to cable spend. Cable is up form 19% in 1998 to 30% in 2008.

Another major theme has been an increase in product placement in TV and movies.

The integration of TV and online is important. He describes how they get 32 million views online after the Super Bowl.

TV is as strong as ever, but there is now more need for added value and consumer engagement.

In addition to TV, Tony sees product placement and the convergence of broadcast marketing with online publishing as important brand marketing priorities going forward.

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