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Television is changing a lot and television advertising is changing with it. Tivo, DVRs and the internet are changing the way content and advertising is consumed. It changes the way TV ads need to work. This panel explores some of the changes they see on the horizon.

Future of TV Ads - head shotsPanelists
Karen Bressner, SVP, Advertising Sales, TiVo
Eric Hadley, Chief Marketing Officer, Heavy Corporation
Rick Mandler, VP, Digital Media Advertising, Disney/ABC Media Networks
Robert Riesenberg, President & CEO, Full Circle Entertainment
Moderator: Joe Adalian, Television Editor, Variety

What’s the future of the 30 second spot?

The 30 second spot is still an important marketing tools and will remain so into the future. As long as television is important spots like 30 second or 15 second ads will be important. Karen from Tivo says they can enhance the 30 second spot by making it interactive. Eric points out that the importance of TV will change for different segments as young males are using the Internet with increasing intensity on sites like Heavy.com. He says the key is to respecting the viewer and make the advertising relevant and engaging.

How important is diverse portfolio in marketing?

In this day and age, when a network has a show doing 7-8 share its a success. It demonstrates the fragmentation of advertising channels and the need for marketers to explore a diverse set of channels to find their audience.

What one thing should change, what would be the new rule?

As the networks have jumped on the bandwagon of integration it has become more commoditized. The integration needs to be more strategic and in harmony with the show as opposed to something that is just a media deal done for an advertiser wanting integration. Rick would like to see more aggregation of agencies to make it easier to coordinate marketing and make it more integrated. Eric suggests that measures need to be tied to the intent of the campaign, not just what can be measured. Just because you can measure impressions or click throughs does not make it a good measure for everything.

What new capabilities will brand marketers need to become publishers of relevant and engaging content?
Need to become masters of what data comes from set top boxes and DVRs to understand what works in different environments. There is also a crying need for different kinds of resources within the marketing infrastructure. Interactive capabilities are still very underdeveloped and need to improved. Brand marketers will need to integrate these new capabilities with their traditional story telling strengths to make interesting content.

Should brands rent or own their content?
Rick suggests that brands should rely on rented content. Content is not what advertisers do so they should leave it to the traditional content producers. Eric suggests that it doesn’t matter whether you rent or own it. What matter is that you need good content wherever the content comes from.

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