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Patrick Chanezon (Google), Chris Schalk (Google), Kevin Marks (Google), Lou Moore (hi5 Networks) spoke on a panel about building OpenSocial applications at Graphing Social Patterns West.

What does Social mean? We look at each other, talking, laughing, we help each other, we read together, we do projects together. We also have social objects that we tell stories about.

The challenge is how do we socialize objects online without having to create yet another social network?

OpenSocial designed to do this. OpenSocial is one API that works with many websites. Just now getting through gartner technology hype cycle over the last 3 months. OpenSocial is now on version 0.7

Core OpenSocial services include people, activities and persistence. After a tour through some of the code used to make the API work, Kevin Marks described two open source projects designed to help build appliations – Caja is project designed to help prevent things from going bad. Caja is an optional Javascript sanitizer for use by developers. The panel recommended using Caja or at least tesing using Caja.

The second project is Shindig. Shindig is a reference implementation of the OpenSocial and Gadgets stack that is designed to accelerate development and deployment. The panel said that now is the time to start developing.

Update: Here is the slide show:

And a post by panel member.

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