Privacy Management & Data Portability for Social Networks

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Social networks are letting more people connect than ever before. With just a click, you can make friends with people around the world, and share your work, hobbies, and other interests. But how visible is that information?

Dan Farber (CNET Networks), Joseph Smarr (Plaxo), David Lavenda (WorkLight), Allen Hurff (MySpace), Ben Metcalfe (Swordfish Corp / discuss managing privacy and data portability for social networks.

Where are we on data portability?
We are still in a walled garden environment. I may be a Digg user, but finding all the other people I know is a pain. People keep scraping your contact list to find other people. We need to get both the technical and the human side of this to work.

Discussions about online reputation, who owns comments etc need to be taken into consideration with respect to how you support data portability and still manage privacy.

What do we need to do to bring intranet data to social sites?
On the data side is the primary issue is how to manage security and access to data. On the work flow side, control over data and data security is a big issue. Secure Enterprise 2.0 initiative is just now getting up and running to focus on the issue.

Where are we on the Data Portability Initiative?

Companies recognize it is a big problem. It has taken time to pull the group and organization together. A number of start-ups will announce when they release products. Across the board there is support, but it is taking time. Are companies still protecting there data or will those that go open gain an advantage? Still an open question, but these large companies want to be involved to help shape how this concept will scale.

How do we get consumers to grok this?

Build real use cases that the consumers understand. When you show them in a way that makes sense to them. Who gets to see your photos etc? Once consumers see it working the right way somewhere they will point to it as an example of what they like.

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