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Rodney Rumford, Editor & Publisher of FaceReviews.com, speaks about how use Facebook for branding. The audience is large with 66 million people and 16,000 applications. People are spending 20 minutes on site.

Rodney views it s frictionless WOMA, facilitates customer acquisition and drive low cost customer acquisition with specific demographic targeted marketing.

He describes how Facebook can be used for Lead Generation, brand extension, exposure and loyalty.

Suggests that marketers start experimenting.

8 ways to market on Facebook: Apps, groups, paid groups, tarted ads, newsfeed ad buys pages, beacon, and guerilla.

Scrabolous is the new golf – a new way to micro-touch and communicate. Where I’ve Been – good example of how a brand can sponsor an app and is aligned with Orbitz. Firefox group is an example of sponsored group. Facebook Ads is a self service ad solution that allows you to target demographics networks Social Ads with personal relevancy. CTR is low(my experience with CTR is 0.02%). Pages are another way to market. What’s the difference between groups and pages. News feed $100k to buy the banner. 1 ad per page. Third party ad networks like Cubics and Zynga (game network) have emerged to advertise on applications.

Rodney describes steps to success that include a clarity about end goals and a willingness to experiment.


What about forced invite numbers? Tested forced invites with greeting card application – forced invites worked, but now growth remains.

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3 thoughts on “Facebook Marketing Opportunties

  1. Facebook Pages allow you to have “fans” but the groups don’t. I’m overall pleased with Facebook (compared with MySpace) and how they’re handling business integration with their network. It shows business aren’t always just spam, they can bring actual involvement to the network, increasing it’s worth.