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O’reilly’s Graphing Social Patterns West they had a speed demo night where developers get to demo apps. They ran through 10 applications. Many of them are from Facebook. We SMS voted for the best of the first six and then again for the second four demos.

Group One – Facebook Apps

  • Who Has The Biggest Brain? Facebook App, 600k downloads, 4 minutes per session – 2 million minutes 22%
  • Just Three Words 7 minutes on site with lots 2 hours per day three weeks to write two weeks to rewrite 3 million words, 60k stories, average size 200 words, created for public – 2%
  • Puzzle Messages – simple hybrid between puzzle and messenger have total of 27 apps and 12 million users – 1%
  • Ski and Snowboarding – 1200 resorts in the world – Where have you been? Show off where you have been, share photos etc. Users have geocoded where the resorts are, correcting a lot of what had been poor data about location. -9%
  • Dipity – Wikipedia for timelines in Facebook – takes all the data and connects other people and publishes the results in a timeline. Allows you to add other RSS feeds to timeline. -22%
  • Developer Analytics – Analytics for Facebook Apps. There’s an analytic tab that’s hidden right now. Virality(install as a result of some one else installing), Engagement(return uses), Revenue. Rolling out to private beta in next few weeks. -40%

Group 2

  • Know your neighbor – Written for Orkut – Twitter for your community and neighbors on steroids. Sorts neighbors by distance from you and lets you send messages to your neighbors – 6%
  • Reading Social – built on OpenSocial sharing about books across platforms. Also showed dining social, drinking social, music social – 41%
  • Going Places – connecting people and places – social travel application. “Smart Travel Layer” connects to Facebook, MySpace, Orkut. Take test – match with friends on compatibility basis. Add places you’ve been. 400,000 places in database. You can see who has been to places you want to go and see how they rated that place. – 8%
  • ChirpScreen – photo sharing app using a screen saver. Facebook, Twitter and Flickr accounts all feed the app. Has comments back to photo owner. – 43%

Note: final votes will be updated tomorrow.

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