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CinchOr maybe I should call it a CinchCast. Cinch is a new service from Blog Talk Radio that makes it extremely easy to record a podcast and produce the necessary RSS feeds. Just call 646-200-0000, record your CinchCast and you will find an RSS feed all ready for you at

Here’s the mp3 it made for me:

And you can see the RSS it created for me here.

While I was a little disappointed in the sound quality, I found the experience so simple and easy that even my Mom could do this.

Ease of use breakthroughs like this open up whole new possibilities. Need to record that interview you’re doing, call Cinch. Need to report from the field, call Cinch. The instantaneous nature of it is fantastic.

I’m excited to see this. Kudos to BTR and their new VP of Product Development, Kris Smith of Croncast fame.

Blog Talk Radio Cinch

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