Super Fans and the Power of the Link

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LinksAll week we ran a series of podcasts focused on how companies are trying to engage, activate and monetize fans using all kinds of social media. The reason we focus on these super fans is because they are big consumers and influentials. Scott Karp, Publishing 2.0, has an excellent article titled “Influentials On The Web Are People With The Power To Link” that is all about the power of these fans.

Influence on the web is all about connectivity — the larger the network, the more powerful the links.

He makes the point that it is the links that drive the power and influence of sites and networks. He points out that the most successful of companies is the one that has been the most prolific linker of all: Google.

And this is one of our key thoughts as well – it’s one of the major reasons we care about Super Fans, because they are linkers by nature.

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