Super Fan Week at Digital Podcast

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It’s Super Fan week at Digital Podcast. We have been conducting interviews with leading executives and thought leaders about the importance of Super Fans and the interesting ways people are using digital and social media to engage, activate and monetize these critical drivers of successful communities.

Super Fans are big consumers, producers and distributors for media properties and brands. They are the avid fans, the enthusiasts, the passionate fans that draw crowds to communities.

We are releasing five episodes of Digital Podcast this week all focusing on what companies are doing to engage, activate and monetize Super Fans. We speak with a variety of executives from different sectors including news, music, gaming, social networking, and user generated video.

Here’s the schedule of great interviews we will be releasing this week:

Monday – Digital Podcast 34: Reuters’ Stephen Smyth talks about how Reuters is working to build it’s audience and strengthen its relationships with Super Fans. We have a great discussion about a number of interesting initiatives Reuters has underway at Reuters Labs. Reuters Labs is where technology, user experience, content and business model meet together as Reuters explores new ways to distribute its content.

Tuesday – Digital Podcast 35: Pandora’s Tim Westergren talks about the importance of having a good product and connecting with fans. Tim speaks about how he has traveled the country to learn from Pandora’s fans and how he uses Town Hall meetings to get feedback directly from the fans.

Wednesday – Digital Podcast 36: SodaHead CEO Jason Feffer talks about a new model for social networking based on user generated opinions.

Thursday – Digital Podcast 37: Microsoft’s Dean Carignan
talks about connected video games and the in game advertising opportunity.

Friday – Digital Podcast 38: ExpoTV’s David Becker talks about user generated content and how to address advertiser fear of the risks associated with UGC.

We hope you enjoy these Super Fan Podcasts as much we do.

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