How to Record a Podcast Using Skype

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Doug Kaye and Paul Figgiani from the Conversations Network have made a great video showing you how to record a superior sound recording using Skype. The audio quality they are able to achieve is exceptional. If you can get both parties using Skype you can create exceptional quality. You can also use Skype out which will give you a telephone quality on one side and broadcast quality on the other side. A great video. Thanks to Doug and Paul.

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10 thoughts on “How to Record a Podcast Using Skype

  1. Great video, thank you guys! One small thing: I prefer recording to two different audio files instead of two channels on the same file… it’s easier to handle with audio editing software. And there’s no problem in starting the two recordings at the same time, because Audio Hijack Pro has a schedule feature, so I just schedule a recording for both audio devices at the same time and here I go! Anyway, check the following link, I found it very useful:

  2. Call Graph is a free call recording application for Skype. supports wav file encoding, two channel recording for easy editing. We also provide services such as online file storage, sharing, search and transcription. Pls. do check it out.

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  5. It is worth noting the SVOPC codec is no longer the latest or the best. It did open the door for quality though. The latest codec is called SILK. So if you see silk instead of svopc then that should be fine. It is supposed to offer higher quality while using less bandwidth. If you google silk you will find tons of information.

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