Will the Writers Go Silicon?

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The Los Angeles Times has an article about striking writers in talks to launch Web start-ups.

Some of the writers see the opportunity that the strike is creating for online video ventures. They are drafting business plans and meeting with venture capitalist’s like Accel Partners.

Some of the writers who are drafting business plans said that if the strike had lasted only a week, they would have just gone back to work. But now they’ve had time to plot strategy — and to realize that a prolonged strike with reruns and reality shows filling the airwaves might allow them to grab a wandering audience.

“The companies are pushing us into the embrace of people that are going to cut them out of the loop,” marveled one show runner who is tracking the start-up trend but not participating.

“We are one Connecticut hedge-fund checkbook, one Silicon Valley server farm and two creators away from having channels on YouTube, where the studios don’t own anything.

This strike will definitely have a negative impact on TV and accelerate the migration of viewers to the web. It seems like a great time for the writers to be starting online ventures. The talent is available and the tech investors see the opportunity.

Facebook director Jim Breyer, a partner at Silicon Valley venture firm Accel Partners, said he was weighing deals that would rely on Facebook’s platform. “It is likely we will make investments in Los Angeles screenwriter/content-oriented companies in 2008,” he said.

Some are going to take the risk and if they are successful it could turn into a stampede from the TV to the web.

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