Digital Podcast 24: CacheLogic’s John Dillon on P2P Content Distribution Networks

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CacheLogicI met with CacheLogic‘s Chief Marketing Officer John Dillon at Digital Hollywood. John talked to me about Cache Logic’s approach to content distribution. The company provides a native peer to peer content distribution network that competes with companies like Akamai and Limelight Networks.

Cachelogic has developed what it calls VelociX, a media delivery platform that combines P2P technology with a global network of content caches built using the vendor’s P2P Management Solution. Content is cached on these servers and that means large media files — such as movies, TV programs, and games — can be downloaded over a broadband connection in minutes instead of hours.
John Dillon
The real benefits, however, start to kick in when the end users’ computers start contributing to the content distribution as well. It increases the capacity dramatically and cuts the costs at the same time.

A number of other companies have tried to provide similar services using a client only approach. CacheLogic’s base network acts like a super P2P network that is available even if local peers are not. That increases availability on the network and helps speed up the last segment download which can be a problem on P2P services based only on distributed clients.

If you need to move large files, CacheLogic is worth checking out.

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