Digital Podcast 23: John Durham Talks About Podcasting in California Schools

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CTAPJohn Durham met with me at the New Media Expo and talked to me about podcasting in California Schools. John is from the California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP). According to CTAP’s website

The California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP) is a statewide educational technology leadership initiative, providing assistance to schools and districts in integrating technology into teaching and learning. In developing CTAP, the earlier SB 1510 Education Technology Act programs were restructured in order to place control at local and regional levels.

John is working with California schools to introduce new technology and especially podcasting. The Brent Coley’s class at Tovashal Elementary in Murrietta, California provides an excellent example of podcasting in our schools. The ColeyCast is Room 34′s very own podcast! Recorded by the students, each broadcast highlights some of the exciting things they’re learning in the classroom. If you want to subscribe, here’s the feed:

You can check out a sample podcast from Mr. Coley’s class below.

ColeyCast Site

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