Digital Podcast 19: ExpoTV’s David Becker Talks About User Generated Reviews

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ExpoTV LogoDavid Becker, Chief Marketing Officer, of ExpoTv told me the ExpoTV story. I had not heard of ExpoTV before I met David, but I checked it out as soon as I could. ExpoTV is a place where regular people get to review products and make a few bucks in the process.

ExpoTV is a great find. It has over 200,000 user generated reviews on everything from Art Supplies to Video Games and everything in between.

The site encourages users to post their reviews and ExpoTV will pay you to do it. The payments seem to range from $2 up to $10 for a review depending upon product category and how many more reviews ExpoTV needs for a given category. There’s also a pay for plays component to the payment as a bonus.


You can even get seen on 23 million TVs as ExpoTV puts together a TV show based on the submitted videos. ExpoTV’s Video On Demand Network is available through Comcast Cable, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Mediacom Communications, Insight Communications, Bright House Networks, VerizonFiOS, Bresnan Communications, Blue Ridge Communications, and PurDigital Media.

As for a business model, ExpoTV seems to have lots of options. Selling products right with the reviews seems like a natural. And if they don’t want to sell things themselves it seems like you should be able to put up really relevant advertising to people who are in shopping mode. The other big option is to set it up as a platform that other sites can use to put up a quick review of an interesting product.

ExpoTV is worth watching. Here’s a sample – Go Halo:)

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Definitely worth checking out.

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