Amazon Releases Kindle e-book Reader

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Amazon introduced its $399 Kindle portable e-book reader device, and a library of more than 90,000 books available for download through the Kindle Store for about $9.99 each.

One nice feature of the Kindle is its ability to connect to a wireless network through a new service called Amazon Whispernet, which enables content downloads without a PC or Wi-Fi hotspot.

Pricing of newspaper subscriptions are $5.99 to $14.99 per month, Kindle magazines are $1.25 to $3.49 per month, and wireless delivery of blogs starts at 99 cents each per month.

The Kindle includes storage capacity for up to 200 books, and supports standard SD memory cards as well; battery life is pegged at about 48 hours with the wireless feature on, and a week or more with wireless connectivity disabled.

Here’s the affiliate link if you want to buy Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device.

The device is getting incredible buzz around the blogs and in mainstream media and that’s good for Amazon. Many of the features on the Kindle seem great and while I haven’t seen the device myself it probably is pretty cool (and the affiliate cash certainly helps raise interest among the bloggers).

However, it seems like a lot of money for an electronic book reader and I have a hard time seeing it gaining serious volume at that price point. Maybe if they gave it away like cellphones and sold me a subscription to books it might have a chance, but I can’t see paying this kind of money for a Kindle.

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