Intercasting’s President Derrick Oien Talks about Mobile Social Networking

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Intercasting logoI sat down with Derrick Oien, the President and Co-founder of Intercasting, at Digital Hollywood. Derrick shared with me the exciting new things Intercasting has going on in the mobile space.

Intercasting got started running a mobile social networking service called Rabble. From there, Intercasting has extended its offering to enable wireless network operators to integrate other social networking or community services through a social networking platform interface called Anthem.

Anthem Platform

The Anthem client is a user interface that provides access all of the user’s social networking providers. Anthem is currently used by Sprint, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile and will be launching on other top tier carriers. Through Anthem, wireless carriers are able to offer their subscribers access to social networking sites including LiveJournal, Vox, Xanga,,,,, and Rabble.

Anthem Friends

With Anthem, camera on phone can be set up for one-click distribution of photos to PCs, email recipients, imaging services and social networking providers on the Anthem platform.

Anthem Camera

Anthem also provides users with the ability to connect their address books or Personal Information Manager(PIM) with some of the most popular social networking providers.


It’s exciting to see the extension of social networking services onto the mobile environment. The integration with the phone has so much potential to make social networking even more powerful when you have 24 hour access to your connections and data.

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