Walstrip Founder First Keynote at Podcast Expo

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Howard Lindzon, the creator of Wallstrip ( a stock market video podcast purchased by CBS for a reported $5 million ), was the kickoff keynote for the Podcast and New Media Expo. Tim Bourquin, founder of the Expo, interviewed Howard to find out more about his experience.

Howard’s approach was to produce focused content that had strong appeal to his core target market, hedge fund managers. He decided on short, appealing video that hedge fund managers would talk about creating a viral effect for the show.

He posted it everywhere they could to extend exposure. He spoke about the difficulty of getting advertising sponsors as a start up and how hard it was. He described how this changed when CBS purchased the show.

The show had 20-25,000 people watching the show at the time CBS purchased the program. He described how important the community is to the success of the show, he attributed 80% of the success to the community they built around the show. From start-up to selling to CBS, was about 8 months. He didn’t regret making the decision to sell because he knew his partners had lots of other opportunities and this was a way to create a win for all.

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8 thoughts on “Walstrip Founder First Keynote at Podcast Expo

  1. I don’t know who he was. He looked like US Secret Service right out of central casting. I assumed he was a podcaster who was trying to make an impression by looking different enough to attract questions. If that was what he wanted to do then he certainly got people asking, but I don’t know if he made himself known.

  2. Huh, I found the following posted as a comment on that link:

    MissingIntellect says:
    I don’t know all the details, but I know he was handing out red envelopes that had a cryptic message in them linking to red-monday.com and to use the password “gabriel”.


    PS, a small typo in the post “He did’nt regret making the decision to sell”


  3. Julius –

    You’re trying way too hard here. Everyone knows you were the “secret agent” guy and that you frightened several women who were concerned enough to contact show management.

    You are the perfect example of marketing gone bad, and you refused to stop until we threatened to take your badge and throw you out of the event.


  4. Must be working pretty well, if I have the founder of the expo following me around on the web, posting about me. ;)

  5. It’s pretty much a wrap that I won’t be hitting PNME. Some of these new media events continue to rock the same good ol’ boys club vibe. Why would you boot someone for performing outside the box to generate buzz on their project?

    “..you frightened several women..”

    What exactly frightened these ladies?!? The briefcase? The clean-cut flavor with the red tie ensemble? I guarantee what I heard and saw about PNME this year is a lot more “frightening” than one brutha with some aviator shades handing out red envelopes.

    “..you are the perfect example of marketing gone bad..”

    Or is PNME the perfect example of some “go-along get-along” hot ghetto mess? When was the last time you had a hot viral idea, Tim? Or, are you still sitting on the sidelines, riding the pine, possibly doing what everyone else is doing — because it’s safe? Marinate.

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