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Association of Downloadable Media

The Association for Downloadable Media met first thing today at the Podcast and New Media Expo. The meeting attended by over 100 attendees was focused on the mission, the membership, membership benefits and the process for electing leadership of the association.

Susan Bratton, of Personal Live Media, kicked off the meeting and explained that the mission of the association is to help podcasters monetize their content by developing standards in terms, measure and pricing models.

Bryan Moffett, of NPR, The association currently has 65 members and is looking for new members. Individual memberships cost $150 per year, corporate memberships cost $1,000 per year and not-for-profit memberships are $150 per year.

John Havens, of Blog Talk Radio, presented a brainstorm of potential benefits that are under consideration for adoption
Performance metrics
Audience analysis
Tutorials, whitepapers
Boilerplate contracts and documents
Media kit example
List Serve

Chris McDonald, of Wizzard Media, spoke about the high level mission as it relates to research. He thinks that they might be able to the central coordinating body for industry research.

Mark McCrery, of Podtrac, spoke about elections for board members. There will be 22 members of the board and their are 13 currently nominations for these positions. The committees will be advertising standards, measurement, outreach & education, terminology standardization, membership. Nominations are due a week from Monday. Nominations will be posted on the website and the members will be able to vote on the website.

A number of people spoke of their backgrounds as it relates to their nominations for potential board positions.

Matt Snodgrass, of Porter Novelli, wrapped up the meeting with a call get involved and the importance of podcasters to promote the organization and to spread the word internationally.

If you would like to join the association and help influence the direction of podcast and new media monetization, you can join the Association of Downloadable Media.

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2 thoughts on “Association for Downloadable Media at Podcast Expo

  1. John C. Havens of BlogTalkRadio will also be broadcasting live tonight and tomorrow with Paolo Tosolini of Microsoft from the Expo. Tonight at 5:30pm PT, Havens will produce his show – in style – from Jason Van Orden’s Poolside Party. Tonight’s show will feature interviews with Tosolini and podcasting consultant Jason Van Orden. Havens will also report on latest news and tips from the Podcast and New Media Expo.

    And on Saturday, September 29, Havens will be joined by Paolo Tosolini of Microsoft at 11:30am PT, where they will broadcast their presentation “The Business Value of Podcasting and New Media for Corporate Organizations” LIVE from the Expo. Tosolini and Havens will provide real world examples of how podcasting is providing ROI, specifically with Microsoft’s Enterprise Academy Mobile Podcasting initiative. Using specific case studies, Tosolini and Havens will get pragmatic about how corporate podcasting may evolve from just perceived positive business value into real profit.

    The broadcasts will stream live from BlogTalkRadio and be available by RSS immediately after. Check it out.

    Havens’ Friday night broadcast:
    Live Stream of Presentation:

  2. We’re looking for 5 Great Ideas from those who are attending the Podcasting Expo. Unfortunately, we are not.

    Our request is:
    “What the best idea you heard at the New Media Expo that would help a business person who is currently not podcasting – to help them quickly jump in?”

    We’ll also add this request:
    “Please, no philosophical meanderings, advanced technological hoo-haw or sales pitches – just great ideas that will get someone up and running as a podcaster quickly and with minimum of heartache and brain damage.”

    We think that’s cheeky enough. After all, about 99.9% of us average business people still don’t do any podcasting (that we know of) and we’re still, well, just a little bit confused by the technological challenges and the potential benefits.

    You can leave a comment on our blog article –