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Podcasting News reports that

Fusa Capital, a media company that owns and operates a network of search engine websites, has launched the latest entrant into the podcast search engine and directory melee,

Podanza bills itself as a podcast search engine and directory which aggregates free audio and video podcasts from over 5,000 international producers. When searching for podcasts, search results can be limited by video or audio podcasts only.

Podanza looks good, and similar to Yahoo Podcasts in many ways. Although, I’m not sure why they would spend the money to build it as there are already plenty of other directories out there. It’s hard for me to see how this has a good ROI for them.

I looked at Fusa’s financial reports. They must be one of the smallest public companies ever. 2006 revenues were about $15k and 2007 seem to be about $1.5k per month after spending a boat load of moola on expenses. Gotta wonder how things like this are allowed to be public companies.

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