Who Wants Zune 2?

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According to Engadget,

According to reports from a “source” inside Microsoft, a new batch of Zunes (AKA Zune 2, Draco, Scorpio, etc.) are due out on October 16th (just in time for the holidays), in both flash memory- and hard drive-based forms. The new, smaller, flash Zune (the Draco) will be hitting shelves in pink, red, black, or army green colors, will have a 4GB or 8GB capacity, and will feature a “squircle” (the source’s term, not ours) for navigation, which won’t have a center button but can be pushed, “From any side.” The hard drive-based player (the Scorpio) will be available in 80GB, sports the soon-to-be infamous “squircle,” and touts a screen which the source claims is “awesome” for video.

This sounds like progress, but at this speed they will never catch th e iPod/iPhone. MS needs to pick up the pace if they want this device to really compete.

6 thoughts on “Who Wants Zune 2?

  1. I also can’t wait how the new zune will work, I hope its a very promising mp3 player. Also, why I’m not going for ipod, well b/c they suck. I had three iPods and each of them broke within one year apart. In addition, I got 4th from the 5th model, replacement plan(free) and well that broke within 4 months. It’s very upsetting to waste so much money on flawed products, although other people had no problems with their ipods.

  2. That’s interesting. I’m on my third iPod – the first two times the hard drive went bad, fortunately the first time I was under warranty and was able to buy an extended warranty which ended up covering the second break down.

    Did you have hard drive problems as well?

  3. I also can’t wait for the new Zunes to come out because I’m always interested in how many new ways Microsoft can lose more money on their “innovative” hardware.

  4. I have an ipod i’m trying to fix this very second and if i can’t get it to work i’m definitely buying a zune 2. I have four other friends and between them five ipods and four of them have broken, not including mine which might make it 5 for 6 in a little bit. I don’t think it’s fair to charge 300 dollars for something that seems to break for a significant part of the consumer population after 2 or 3 years. I don’t know if the zune will be any better but i’m enormously frustrated with apple’s customer help, which they charge for by the way, that i will never buy another ipod as long as there is a somewhat decent competitor out. I feel that the apple fanboys are soo vocal about how they like apple that their reputation is much better than what they actually deliver.