MediaDefender Hacked

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MediaDefender, an anti-piracy group which uses tactics like flooding peer to peer networks with fake files, suffered an embarrassing security breach in which numerous emails were taken and even some phone calls recorded.

The hackers posted the emails on peer to peer networks and reportedly include confidential threads related to asset protection on specific titles. The emails also expose some personal information like social security numbers, emails, and phone numbers.

The most damaging revelations might be regarding the company’s planned MiiVii site that would allow people to upload and download copyright movies, TV shows and music. Apparently, the service would also secretly track people’s activities and report it back to MediaDefender.

In addition to the phone call and emails, blogs are reporting that a huge MySQL database dump from a MediaDefender server was leaked on BitTorrent as well. The database shows tracking and decoy file information for the Gnutella network which is used by P2P clients such as LimeWire.

This is a big set back to MediaDefender’s image with it’s clients. It should serve as a reminder to everyone that much of what we think of as secure is really unsecure.

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