iPhone Now Best Selling Smart Phone

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iSuppli is reporting that the iPhone has become the best selling smart phone.

Apple Inc.’s iPhone outsold all smart phones in the United States during July, and equaled the sales of the most popular feature phone, according to iSuppli Corp. The iPhone accounted for 1.8 percent of all mobile-handset unit sales to U.S. consumers during July. Most iPhone purchasers in July were male, 35 years of age or younger and possessed a four-year college degree or more.

Strong early consumer uptake conforms with iSuppli’s forecast of 4.5 million iPhones shipping in 2007, rising to more than 30 million units in 2011.

…the two models of the iPhone now on the market outsold all smart phones in July, including the Blackberry series, the entire Palm portfolio, and any individual Motorola, Nokia, Samsung or other smart phone model from a branded service provider. The iPhone’s U.S. sales in July were equal to those of the most popular feature phone, LG’s Chocolate.

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