Apple’s Big News – A Cheaper iPhone – How Depressing

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Apple had it’s big announcement event today and had a lot to share, but the big news that has caught the attention of the media is the price cut on the iPhone. The 8GB iPhone will now be $200 less costly coming in at $399.

As expected, Apple also announced a video Nano, a touch screen iPod similar to the iPhone without the phone, and build your own custom ringtones for the iPhone. Apple even inked a partnership with Starbucks that sounds like fun.

Jobs also announced that Apple’s iTunes podcast directory had hit a milestone of 125,000 podcasts. Jobs made the announcement as part of his introduction of the fall iPod line.
“This is amazing material,” said Jobs. “It’s free, and over 25k are video podcasts.” Go podcasting!

Having reviewed all that, forgive me if I don’t gush all over the place. I love my iPod and I like what Apple’s doing, but the news today just didn’t seem to have the impact that I have come to expect from Apple’s big announcements. The lead story picked up by big media is the price cut, and while that’s nice for consumers, it’s just a bit depressing if you ask me.

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