Press reports that Apple has sold a whole bunch of iPhones

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Business 2.0 Reports 1 Million iPhones Activated

The number of iPhones Apple had stockpiled at its 164 stores last Friday is still a closely held secret. But an unconfirmed report at the website waitingforphone, quoting an anonymous staffer in ATT Mobilty’s Commerce Group, suggests that AT&T (T) may have already fulfilled more than 1 million iPhone activations.

Macrumors, which reposted the 1 million figure, suggests that the July 4 holiday may have delayed restocking shipments.

Reuters reports 700,000 iPhone Sales

Analyst estimates for iPhone sales in its first weekend run as high as 700,000 units and investors are expecting that momentum to continue.

CNNMoney reports iPhone sales said to hit half-million

Opening weekend sales of iPhones may have reached 500,000, according to an analyst’s estimate, as Apple’s much anticipated product saw sales that lived up to and even exceeded its hype.

Rampant speculation by the press about iPhone sales without real guidance from Apple. You would think Apple would want to make sure the street had a sensible estimate of sales volume or it’s stock could be way out of whack.

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