iTunes Podcast Spotlight

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Apple has set up a web page called the iTunes Podcast Spotlight. Much of the page is dedicated to promoting public radio, BBC and other big media podcasts, but a few independents seem to be included.

I think it’s great that Apple is continuing to support podcasting, although I am disappointed in the design quality of the spotlight page – Apple can do better.

iTunes Podcast Spotlight

One thought on “iTunes Podcast Spotlight

  1. Speaking of design quality, in this case, interface and user cues, your “related posts” section might be tweaked to give the user a bit more useful information such as date of posting. The “New iTunes…” post is actually two years old. I’m sure this is just a function of the database bringing up keyword hits but the timing is important. I happened to have read this less than a couple days after Apple released an iTunes update and I’m sure others might have thought, as did I, that the new version had problems. Just a thought.