Has podcasting reached its limits?

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Has podcasting reached its limits? A quick look at Google trends suggests that the term Podcast seems to be fading. It certainly does not rival searches for the term blog which keeps going and going.

Maybe this is the real podfade.


podcastblog comparison

One thought on “Has podcasting reached its limits?

  1. You might want to contrast these charts with FeedBurner’s statistics on the number of podcast and vidcast feeds, which continues to grow at a steep rate. Podcasting may be losing its status as a hot new trend (not so surprising given that it’s a couple of years old now), but as an activity, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. I do believe that every podcaster has a responsibility to spread the word about podcasting within his or her community, but I don’t think the fact that “podcast” is not as popular a search term as “blog” implies that podcasting is going away. (It appears from those graphs that “podcast” was *never* as popular a search term as “blog,” and I’m pretty sure there will always be more people blogging than podcasting, as it’s easier to do.