Personal OPML playlists are now available on Digital Podcast

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A great new tool has been added to Digital Podcasts, personal OPML playlists of podcasts. Users can sign up for free and add podcasts to their podcast favorites lists. These lists can now be accessed as OPML files and used in your favorite podcatcher or RSS reader.

Here’s how I use them.

Step 1 – Login to Digital Podcast and find a podcast I want to add to my playlist. You can do this either from the search page or from the podcast detail page. Just look for the “Add to Favorites” button and click away.

Step 2. Select the playlist you want to use. I have set up My Podcast Subscriptions, Podcasts to Try and Rock and Roll Podcasts. By adding the podcast to a list it adds that podcast to my OPML playlist.

Step 3. Go the My Favorites link at the top of any Digital Podcast page and there I see my playlists and an orange OPML link. That link is the link to the OPML playlist. I use that link to import the playlist into my favorite RSS reader. I use the Sage plug-in to Firefox, but you can use or any other major RSS reader.

Just look for the import button on your reader and then you can use the OPML file to subscribe to the feeds and see when a new podcast has been released. You can also use it with your favorite podcast catcher if they have OPML importing enabled, like on the Kinoma player for Treos and Palm handhelds, the JPodder Podcast Player or Nimiq’s podcast player.

Hope you enjoy making your playlists.

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