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Digg, a popular news discovery community, has launched Digg Podcasting. Now users can Digg their favorite podcast series and individual podcast episodes. Digg Podcasting joins the numerous other destinations for discovering, Digging, discussing, and sharing the podcasts and podcast episodes that appeal to users.

The new podcasting feature will work much like the rest of Digg. You can add a podcast, it will be placed into a category and then others can “Digg” the podcast. Top ranked podcasts appear on the front page. Top ranked right now are Diggnation, TWIT and DL.TV, three popular technology podcasts.

Here’s a screen shot the Digg folks sent me and a video of the changes Digg has put in place.
You can read more about the changes at Digg at the Digg Blog.

Digg Podcasting

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