Scoble Posts the Winners from the Vloggies

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The Vloggies Awards recognize individual and business excellence in creativity, quality and delivery of online video content.

Favorite Male videoblog: Ze Frank.
Best Community Vlog: Chuck Olsen. Minnesota Stories.
Best Cooking Vlog: Freshtopia.
Favorite kids and teens videoblog: Jetset Show.
Favorite news vlog: Rocketboom.
Best Female Vlogger. Ryanne Hodson.
Favorite Tech Vlog: Bleeding Edge TV.
Entertainment Vlog: Chasing Windmills.
Controversial Vlog: Josh Wolf (who’s currently in jail for refusing to turn over his video tapes).
Videoblogging Book: Secrets of Videoblogging.
Green Vlog: Treehugger TV
Vlog directory: Mefeedia
Best Vloggervangelist: Michael Verdi for his work on Node 101.
Comedy Vlog: Ask a Ninja.
Diary Vlog: Josh Leo.
Entertainment Vlog (non Fiction). LoFi St Louis
favorite entertaiment vlog (fiction): chasing windmills
Video Hosting: BlipTV
Site Design: It’s Jerry Time
Experimental Vlog: Pouringdown TV
Insirational/Spirtual: Beachwalks.
Vlog Collaboration: Bottom Union, Carp Caviar
Best Vlog: Alive in Baghdad.
Best Group Vlog: Alive in Baghdad.
Best Political Vlog: Alive in Baghdad.
favorite interview vlog: alive in baghdad
Favorite Corporate Organization vlog: netsquared
Favorite Travel Vlog:
favorite video production tool: enric’s vpip
favorite viral video: singing woodchuck
Favorite Special Effects: Galacticast
Favorite documentary vlog: american king
Favorite educational vlog: freevlog
Favorite editing : stutterframes
Favorite site design: itsjerrytime

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