Digital Podcast Features Radio First Termer – The Original Pirate Radio In A War Zone

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Radio First Termer

Digital Podcast Features Radio First Termer – The Original Pirate Radio in a War Zone

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Radio First Termer was created and is hosted by Dave Rabbit.

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My podcast…
My Podcasts includes one of the original shows that was broadcasted LIVE out of a whorehouse in Downtown Saigon during January 1971, some resurrected material that was never recorded, new material for the Radio First Termer Iraq show, a few TEASERS of the upcoming Iraq show that we are going to broadcast LIVE from Baghdad…… some TOP SECRET military video including the destruction of Osama’s right hand man Al-Zarqawi by F16′s plus T-Rex’s destroying trailer parks, vampire cats terrorizing towns and me ranting about everything from Support Centers in India to offending male and female commercials on TV.

I podcast from…
I Podcast LIVE from Saigon, Vietnam (actually…. from Dallas, Texas….. but it just sounds better coming from Saigon :)

I will produce … podcasts this year
I will produce somewhere, based upon the last 30 days…. somewhere between 150 to 350 Podcasts this year.

I listen to podcasts on …

I listen exclusively to Podcasts on Pod-O-Matic, which is where my Podcast Official Home is located. There are hundreds of Podcasts there.

To make my podcast, I use …
To make my Podcasts… I use Shure Microphones, A Pioneer Mixer, A Sony Digital Tape System, An AtomixMP3 Mixer, Windows Movie Maker Pro, Real Player Pro and Sony Headphones.

By the end of 2006, I think…
By the end of 2006, I think our audience for the Dave Rabbit Radio First Termer Experience will exceed One Million Listeners. I base this on the fact that there have been, conservatively, over 1.5 Million copies of the only recorded show worldwide over the last 35 years. With the technology today…. we will easily surpass that within 30 days with the amount of FEEDS and SUBSCRIBERS we presently have that will be propagating the Radio First Termer Iraq show. Our goal right now is EXPANDING our base so that more and more troops on the FRONT LINES can get our broadcasts. The goal of Radio First Termer is to bring a laugh or a smile to those whose lives are constantly in peril.

Lost in the middle of the Pacific, I would have these three podcasts with me …

If I were lost in the middle of the Pacific…. I would want an endless supply of ice cold Corona’s, my wife…. and these three podcasts…… besides Radio First Termer :

1. ~ Dr. Mo & The Danger Zone

2. ~ Beat FM

3. ~ Magoo’s Classic Rock
(Not a podcast…. but my bud at my favorite Classic Rock Station here in Dallas….. he was also in Saigon in 1971 as an MP when I was there.)

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The Dave Rabbit Home Page can be found on:

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Dave is hosting a special show live from LIVE from Baghdad. Here’s the promo.

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