Beware of the Download Free iPod Movie Scam

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Download free ipod movies, download any movie, unlimited downloads for your iPod the advertisement screams. If you do a search on Google for iPod Movies, almost every advertisement on the page points to one of these download free ipod movie scam sites offering you unlimited downloads of ipod movies, games, videos, tv shows and all kinds of other goodies with a lifetime membership of only $34.95.

These sites go by names like,,, youripodmovies,, and more. They will offer you an incredible ipod movie download database, unlimited downloads, over 100,000,000 media files, etc.

These sites all seem to use ClickBank as the way you pay them.

What do you get for your $34.95?

You get links to download an open source bittorrent application like utorrent which is software that you can use to download files from peer to peer file sharing network. These applications are completely free. A long list of bittorrent applications is available here.

In addition, you get links to bittorrent search engines and to ipod games sites that are also free to use. The bittorrent search engines allow you to search the file sharing network and find movies and music to download. Most of the material on these file sharing networks is pirated and not legal for downloading in most countries.

I found out about this due to an advertising link on The offer seemed to be to good to believe, so I paid my money to find out what it was. That link is now gone for good.

I think lots of people may be falling for this scam, so tell your friends and add a link to this post so everyone can find out about the ipod movie download scam.

For anyone interested in copying DVD’s to iPod or other mobile format. Slysoft makes a product that does what you need. A friend suggested this to me and I thought I would sign up as one of their affiliates and pass the link on to people who are interested in this kind of product.

If you want free ipod video downloads visit our Video Podcast Directory.

Here’s a video showing you how to get video from Tivo and DVDs onto your Zune or iPod.

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60 thoughts on “Beware of the Download Free iPod Movie Scam

  1. Guys– be careful! I have noticed in lots of the comments that people are saying it is Google’s fault, or Yahoo’s fault that the posted scams. However, everyone should know that the ads they display are brought from a database. The websites pay Google to be put in the database, and in turn, Google searches the database and brings up ads that match your search. For people using Firefox- get the add-on WOT ( It has saved me multiple times. basically, what it does is have a rating for virtually every site in 4 major categories. The ratings are based upon user ratings (people who have had experience with the website) and a database that is full of ratings done by an independent group. It also warns if the website is malicious. On a side note, if we should write to Google at all, it should be about a new system- have a way for users to report websites that scam to Google, so they can remove it from their database. This would dramatically decrease the amount of malicious websites out there. Lastly, just trust your gut feeling. If something doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it. Safe Surfing!

  2. I’m kinda new at this. I just purchased an Ipod and want to add movies to it. Aside of iTunes, are there any other legitimate sites where you can purchase moves, and hopefully cheaper?

  3. Glad I looked at this. Was trying to find a better way to get movies then I Tunes and saw all the one-time fee websites. Was going to try one but wanted to get some feed back first! Glad I did! I wont do it now. Does anyone know of other paysites that will down load onto your ipod. I found one with movies from $1.99 to $9.99 called Does anyone know if this is anygood?

  4. this is the only legitimate site I’ve found. I’ve downloaded movies from new releases to older ones and they’ve all been excellent dvd quality! prices run from 4.99 to 14.99 and you can use paypal. There are no membership fees, no bull#%$@ instructions on how to get a torrent file, it’s just a straight forward movie download.

  5. seems ok but I have only purchased 1 movie from it so far (Eagle Eye) I paid via paypal, which i then received a direct link via email which I could download the movie to my computer. The link was an actual source which was part of so I would recommend using the service.

    If anyone knows of any other decent places to get movies please let me know.

  6. I might have fallen for it – had I not read your blog. I want to pay for my IPOD movies, but I sure as hell don’t want to be ripped off by some third-party company, either. Thanks for your informative blog.

  7. I went to a website and wanted to download a movie, initially it says $34.95 y\then I escape and try another link, but eventually it still links me back to that website and says $29.95 then after that, same thing repeated and lastly $11.95….

    Can like that one meh? From $34.95 go all the way down to $11.95? and free membership some more, one time fee…. but I find it fishy, why dun they use paypall? they are asking for you credit card number? since paypal is so popular nowadays in most legitimate website, I resume that they should have this to offer, if not I guess, might be some hackers, or nigerian people trying to scam other net surfer’s money. I think, the best way is to buy a dvd from a store and burn it or convert it using your own software and transfer it to your ipod.

  8. I’ve used Ipod-lounge a fair few times and i’ts always been a good one with good quality on a portable device (though when burnt to DVD the quality is poor) and you can get new films well priced and cheaper than itunes (from around £3 UK or $4.99 US). I used it cos I wanted films on my Sony Walkman but was struggling to find any sites that would work for it. I was going to look at youripodmovies, as I tohught it would save money in the longer term but I’m glad I stumbled on this site. Turns out if it’s too good to be true – it ain’t.