New Podshow Directory – Thumbs Down

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I took a look at the new directory this morning after reading through a bunch of blog posts(here, here and here for example) about their “hijacking” of podcast feeds. That problem has apparently been fixed, with the usual controversy that surround most Podshow things – (maybe it’s part of the Podshow promotion standard operating procedures for generating links to the site)
With that mess out of the way – I a look at the site, which also seems to be a bit of a mess.
I found the pages way too complicated and confusing. There is too much going on for me to know what to do next. Every page I go to seems to be overloaded with information and links.

I think that when designing a web page you should have an objective for what that page is trying to do and then help guide the user to take the next most logical action when their done with that page. Podshow seems to fail to do either of these things with its pages.
I have to give it a thumbs down review.

If you want to see some good design for a podcast directory (other than Digital Podcast – which has it’s own design issues), I think is probably the best around.

UPDATE July 10, 2006 – The “hijack” problem continues -

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