Podcast Hosting – Who’s your host?

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I am often asked where should people should host their podcasts. The answer isn’t always the same, because it depends on your needs. Here are two sites that I recommend a lot.

Let me know where your podcast is hosted and what you think of them.

  • Libsyn – is a very popular podcast hosting option. It seems to have about 7% of the podcasts at Digital Podcast so it must be working for some folks. Seems like it’s pretty inexpensive if you use a lot of bandwidth. Libsyn charges are based on storage, so if you store less than 100mb the price is only $5 per month.
  • Hip Cast used to be Audio Blog. Not sure if the name change is going to help, but at least it seems to be broader than blogs. The price looks good though at just $4.95 per month for unmetered Storage and 5000MB Transfer. They have an unmetered bandwidth option for $9.95

If you have some suggestions to add to this list visit the podcast hosting forum.

6 thoughts on “Podcast Hosting – Who’s your host?

  1. Phonecasting is a new hosting service with a very inexpensive hosting service for podcasters and phonecasters alike. Free! At least for the time being it’s the best deal out there.

  2. The new comer http://www.podbean.com is so far the best podcast hosting service. It provides Unmetered bandwidth, plenty of space and you can start with its Free podcast hosting service. The Free service has almost anything you need to do podcasting — generate RSS Feed, submit podcast to iTunes music store, insert graph, trackback ….

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