MyTunesRSS – iTunes RSS Feeder

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I came across this neat little tool at Scripting News

It seems that these guys have built a little server that can create an RSS feed of your iTunes music allowing you to play it through a browser that supports this idea.

MyTunesRSS helps you create RSS feeds of the music in your iTunes music library. You can play the tracks in the feed with any device that has a browser and supports RSS feeds. One such device for example is the Sony Playstation Portable with an appropriate firmware version.

MyTunesRSS is an application to configure and start a server. Once the server is running, you can access a web application through a browser. With the browser you can search your iTunes music library and create the RSS feed from the results.

You can search your library by artist und album and create an RSS feed from the results. The application supports MP3 files and unprotected AAC files. You can create feeds directly from your playlists and restrict access to your library through the web application with a password. logo Like this article? Digg it!

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