Apple’s iTunes to Support Paid Subscription Podcasts

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It seems that Apple’s iTunes will soon support subscription based podcasts.

Rush Limbaugh’s website announced that the subscription based podcast wil be available to subscribers via iTunes on Monday.

What will happen on Monday if you are a subscriber at Rush 24/7 you will go to the new page that we will set up, and there’s a link there, and when you click on that link, automatically your iTunes will open, be it Mac or Windows: iTunes will ask you for your user name and your password. You enter that, you click the box that says “remember my password,” and you never have to do another thing again. The following day, or that day, later that day, the next day, every podcast will automatically download to your iTunes as long as your iTunes is open and running.

Rush 24/7

2 thoughts on “Apple’s iTunes to Support Paid Subscription Podcasts

  1. Rush L’s podcast has nothing to do with Apple offering paid subscription podcasts. Eventually iTunes will support per episode fee-based podcasts.

    Additionally, the new iTunes format for Rush L is seriously flawed (as we tested yesterday upon launch) and he will lose a lot of revenue as a result. He should have never announced the latest being the greatest until two weeks after he launched the new program with REAL subscribers.