Podpress – A Podcasting Plugin for WordPress

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PodPressPodpress, a podcasting plugin for WordPress blogging software, was introduced last month. This new tool supports

  • Full featured and automatic iTunes feed generation
  • Auto Generation of enclosure tag
  • Makes adding a Podcast to a Post very simple
  • View MP3 Files ID3 tags when your Posting, and copy ID3 data to the Post title and content.
  • Control over where the player will display within your post.
  • Support for various formats, including Video Podcasting
  • Automatic Media player for MP3, MP4, MOV, FLV, and more, with inline and Popup Window support.
  • Preview of what your Podcast will look like on iTunes
  • Easy way to link to your podcast within iTunes

6 thoughts on “Podpress – A Podcasting Plugin for WordPress

  1. I have seen a lot of people ask about the FEED::ID but I have not seen it answered.

    Basically once you are approved by apple (takes like 24-48 hours) you will recieve a email with your url… in that url will contain your id

    it will be like id=2312323

    hope this helps,


  2. Shoemoney:

    I registered on the Itunes store. How does that translate into getting an feed::id? I don’t see anything about that.