Forbes Prints BS from Oxford Analytica about Podcasting

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Oxford Analytica has published its research study on podcasting. The research is now being published on Forbes.
This is some of the WORST analysis I have ever seen.

I cannot believe that a research group backed up by scholars can publish such bad stuff. If you read this article, podcasting has its roots in Apple’s iPod and iTunes. It is not a new medium, but something that has been around for a long time, but finally popularized by Apple.

Podcasting is a complete revolution – and not started by Apple. It is doing for audio and video what web pages did for text. I’d be interested in learning what Oxford Analytica said about the internet – maybe it was nothing new too. SHAME on Forbes for being such a sucker.

About Oxford Analytica

Oxford Analytica is an international, independent consulting firm drawing on a network of over 1,000 senior faculty members at Oxford and other major universities and research institutions around the world

The reputation of Oxford Analytica rests on its ability to harness the expertise of pre-eminent scholar experts to provide business and government leaders with timely and authoritative analysis of world events. It is a unique bridge between the world of ideas and the world of enterprise.

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