iTunes Popularity Drives TV Ratings Up

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TV Week is reporting that NBC’s “The Office” delivered a 5.1 rating last Thursday among adults 18 to 49, the increase amounted to about a 31% bump that the NBC credits to the show’s popularity as an iPod download.

The series is NBC’s top-performing video podcast available on Apple’s iTunes, where it has been available since Dec. 6.

“The Office” has accounted for one-third of all the NBCU downloads on iTunes.

ABC has also seen a ratings increase for both “Lost”, with a 15 percent rise, and “Desperate Housewives”, with a 7 percent rise.

The 14 million iPods and 8 million TV shows sold last quarter seem to be making a real difference.

One thought on “iTunes Popularity Drives TV Ratings Up

  1. hi, itunes is certainly popular. in fact apple’s hit tune is passing the
    competition as we speak.

    iTunes Popularity to Surpass RealPlayer in 2007

    Unique iTunes users will exceed RealPlayer users by the first half
    of 2007, according to projections by Website Optimization, LLC.
    European broadband penetration growth is slowing as the US
    approaches 80% penetration among active Internet users.

    - andy