Here Comes the Podcast Porn

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An online search engine called Guba is set to offer pornography and other video files, specifically tailored for Apple’s new iPods.

Guba is a subscription-only search engine that culls video files from the Usenet newsgroups. Now Out of Business.

Beginning this month, Guba will convert video files from Usenet into the format used by the iPod, with Adult content likely to be the lead offering.

“We can kid ourselves, but in the end it’s probably porn that people want,” said Guba Chief Executive Thomas McInerney. He noted that the site offers a “safe mode” to filter out adult content.

McInerney said Guba is blocking MP3 music files “because there has been so much litigation about music, and the RIAA (Recording Industry of America) has been so aggressive about it.” However, Guba does offer TV files, because “the TV guys seem to understand the Internet … they seem to be the next industry after music to go online,” McInerney said.

A search of Guba revealed a wide range of TV shows, including Disney’s “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives,” which are both sold online at Apple’s iTunes Music Store.

McInerney said that Guba, which charges $14.95 per month, is profitable and has about 15 employees.

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