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In Today’s Digital Podcast News:

* MIXCAST Live Podcasting App Trial Download Now Available
* NOW Playing on Apple’s iTunes:
* BLOGS shmogs–say it with a podcast
* THE Podcast as a New Podium
* RECASTING Radio 3 for the iPod crowd
* PODCASTS Used To Share, Inform, Entertain

* Basscast
* Planet Groove Radio
* Capitol Radio – harDCore from the Nation’s Capitol
* The World In Your Audio Box
* Astrologia e Qualidade de Vida
* Have Games, Will Travel
* Podcast
* Xisco Ponce Jr Music – Lost and Unobtainable Love
* Figure Four Daily
* The Chris Seligmiller Show
* The Pocket Essential
* Skepticality
Modesto Bee – Modesto,CA,USA
… Introduced about two years ago, podcasting is growing quickly in popularity,
according to recently released statistics from Apple computers. …

MIXCAST Live Podcasting App Trial Download Now Available
Podcasting News (press release) – Des Moines,IA,USA
The trial version includes most of the features of MixCast Live, letting
you record podcasts, create show notes and publish podcast feeds. …

NOW Playing on Apple’s iTunes:
Wall Street Journal – USA
… content. Listeners can click on a button marked “Report a Concern”
if they feel that a podcast isn’t marked as explicit and should be. …,,SB112199964473193071-wHD0jEWmn1XrxuhE5HgGCs4siD0_20060721,00.html?mod=tff_main_tff_top

BLOGS shmogs–say it with a podcast
Chicago Tribune – United States
… What you need to rant: A computer, a microphone and audio software
to record and edit your ramblings into a cogent, coherent podcast. …,1,1201269.column?coll=chi-techtopheds-hed

THE Podcast as a New Podium
New York Times – United States
… tech articles and waiting in denial until it’s scarily mandatory that
you really understand it -for instance, you have to create your own podcast
for some …

RECASTING Radio 3 for the iPod crowd
Globe and Mail – Canada
… CBC logo. Radio 3 had started its podcast of indie music a few weeks
previous, and had been seeing about 500 downloads a day. That …

PODCASTS Used To Share, Inform, Entertain
KCRA-TV – Sacramento,CA,USA
Using a computer, podcast producers record their programs and send them
to a number of Web sites which host their show. Jaime Miller …

Category = Music
For bass players and lovers of the bottom end. Each edition has news about bass oriented gear, CDs, DVDs, books. There’s also a feature CD and tribute to an influential player.

Category = Music
Planet Groove Radio
Planet Groove Radio offers you an interesting mixture of music and information. We are the source of information for audio- and video professionals – providing news and background-stories as well as new music. Planet Groove Radio bietet eine interessante Mischung aus Musik und Information. Wir sind die Informationsquelle für Audio- und Video-Professionals. Bei uns bekommt man Neuigkeiten aus der Musik-, Audio- und Film-/TV-/Videobranche und wir werden in Zukunft neue Künstler in unseren Podcasts vorstellen.

Category = Music
Capitol Radio – harDCore from the Nation’s Capitol
The Capitol Radio podcast is produced in Chocolate City and focuses on the indigenous music known as harDCore. From time to time there will be interviews with somebodies and nobodies. If you are into hardcore music this is the show you.

Category = News
The World In Your Audio Box
free-to-listen audio articles from and ; very informative, excellent quality!

Category = Regional > South America
Astrologia e Qualidade de Vida
Análise astrológica do dia.

XML= http://
Category = Games
Have Games, Will Travel
Board games, card games, roleplaying games. . . whatever

Category = Travel Podcast
The definitive guide to Galveston, Texas – from the Island’s official tourism website,

Category = Music
Xisco Ponce Jr Music – Lost and Unobtainable Love
The voice of Xisco is a cross between Seal and Sade but he adds his personal flare that gives him the uniqueness that makes Suite a great CD. The production has European flare that manages to conger up images of a mysterious musical theater event. With musicians that have played for Elton John, George Michaels, Toni Braxton, Thomas Dolby and Mister Mister gracing the entire CD, Suite is a major top-quality sounding project…review taken from HuiMusic .com …This album does more than evoke those other artists; the suites flow together seamlessly and appear to be linked lyrically. The lyrics, mostly involving various episodes of lost or unobtainable love, have a very spiritual glow to them, and Xisco’s delivery of his words left me filled with both sadness and hope simultaneously…taken from Maurice at

Category = Sports
Figure Four Daily
Friday edition of Figure Four Daily, a look at all the pro-wrestling and MMA news from around the world with host Bryan Alvarez, author of Figure Four Weekly and Death of WCW

Category = Variety shows
The Chris Seligmiller Show
Music, Comedy, Opinions, and more. A variety podcast.

Category = Music > Variety
The Pocket Essential
The Pocket Essential – 100% Quality NEW Indie music from the UK guy who knows!

Category = Science and Technology > Science
Bringing truth to podcasting, and all who choose to listen. Derek and Swoopy are your hosts, filling your pod and your brain with skeptical insight and conversation, sometimes heated, on a plethora of topics that are ripe for critical examination. We’re tired of pertinent social and science news being buried by clap trap. Our podcast is here to bring you relevant, under reported current events, as well as in-depth discussions from a scientific, critical, skeptical, and humorous point of view. In our travels we will tackle the beasts of pseudoscience; the paranormal, supernatural, ufo / alien encounters, mis-understood history, and overwrought legends – urban or otherwise. People will believe anything. Why is that? Here at Skepticality, we’re calling out the crap, debunking the bunks and taking a serious look at the plethora of flim flam that is clogging our history books and drowning the mainstream media in a tidal wave of hornswoggle. Anything but orthodox, occasionally silly but always topical, Derek Colanduno is your podcasting guide to the truth. Cohort and cohost Swoopy is the resident misanthrope, questioning Derek to the limits of his patience, and sometimes his sanity.
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