Podcast #3 – Listening/Tantrums

Coal Train Railroad show

Summary: In the third installment of our Summer 2010 Podcast Series, Chris is distracted by buttons in the studio and has a hard time listening to Katy, who gets impatient with Chris, and all manner of fussiness then ensues.nbsp; Fortunately, our hosts work it out in the end after some advice from Billie Holiday (pictured here in 1917) and a couple of pre-school songwriters.nbsp; The Coal Train Railroad quartet wraps things up with a live in-studio version of "It's Hard To Listen". [caption id="attachment_712" align="alignleft" width="200" caption=" "][/caption] Many thanks to our sponsor - the little red-haired fairy at Fairytales Bookstore (www.fairytalesbookstore.com).nbsp; Click on the player below to listen or download!