27 Love is a delusion

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Summary: The speakers for the motion are Dr. Harvey Gordon and Dr. Frank Tallis. Dr. Gordon is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist at the Littlemore Mental Health Centre in Oxford. Dr. Frank Tallis is a writer and a Clinical Psychologist. In addition to his numerous academic publications he is the author of several novels including “Killing Time” and the recent bestseller “Lovesick”. Speaking against the motion are Dr. Glenn Wilson and Ms. Cherry Potter. Dr. Wilson is a Reader in Personality at the Institute of Psychiatry. He is a pioneer in the field of evolutionary theories of sex differences, attraction and love and he is ranked within the 10 most cited British psychologists. Ms. Cherry Potter is a Journalist and Psychotherapist. She was head of screenwriting at the National Film and Television School and is well known for her articles in the Guardian and The Times as well as her latest novel “I Love you but... Seven decades of romantic comedy”.