The Kissy Bits #14 - Bedroom Edition

~The Kissy Bits ~ - Romance Writing Without Cooties show

Summary: The Kissy Bits Show 14 – Closing the bedroom door almost all the way Why has the show been so late? I lost my microphone. Anybody who is going to attend the Romance Writers of Australia conference in August, drop me a line! Warning: This episode contains words some people might find offensive, and descriptions of scenes not suitable to minors. If you or anyone within earshot might get offended, turn around now. Talking about sex is one thing, but writing about it is, in some ways, even worse. - "what if Mom reads it?" syndrome. - Why romance writing is better than writing murder mysteries. - How do you get over the embarrassment? - celebrating sex for all the beauty it symbolises - difference between having sex and making love – tension - Be brave with it! Promo: Confessions of a Struggling Writer - Push your comfort level, but don't write to someone else's standards - Remember you are not writing about yourself - Sexual tension is more important than sex itselfprolonged the wait, the sweeter the reward. - Don't follow a formula - Sexual experiences is part of the plot - Use all the senses - Voice - What do we call "IT"? Got any questions? Comments? Feedback? Drop me a line on the show’s blog at For an upcoming show, I’ve got a challenge for you. I won’t do the show until I get enough replies, so you’ll *have* to do it if you want to find out why. I want you to dscribe someone’s face. And I want you to make it romantic. It can be first or third person, as detailed as you like or as general as you wish to make it, but I want you to convey a sense of attraction in your description. After all, that’s what we’r talking about. In the next show, we’ll talk all about your WIP and you. Naming your baby and letting go. Until next time, stay in the mood. Listen to the show