GG 74 | 2013 Greenhorn Garden Calendar & Growing Journal Update

podcast – Greenhorn Gardening show

Summary:       This week's episode I'll give you an update for the 2013 Greenhorn Garden Calendar & Growing Journal. For the growing tip, I'll discuss five garden supply companies proven to help your garden grow.     CLAIM your organic fertilizer recipe, your "Greenhorn Gardener's Raised Bed Checklist," and a subscription to the Greenhorn Gardening weekly newsletter. These resources will help you save time and increase harvest, especially if you're just getting started.   Items mentioned in the episode [Resource]: GG 74 MindMap    [Resource]: Southern Exposure Seed Exchange [Resource]: Johnny's Selected Seeds [Resource]: [Resource]: [Resource]: [Resource]: 2013 Greenhorn Gardening Calendar & Growing Journal Survey Join me on YouTube The Greenhorn Gardening Channel Join me on Twitter Twitter Download the MP3 .