Peter Frampton

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Summary: <p>Grammy-winning guitarist Peter Frampton says, “Sound is very inspirational to me." And it always has been—Frampton started playing guitar before he was 8 years old. He talks about his musical roots in England, playing in bands like The Preachers and The Herd. At age 14 he was playing at a recording session produced by Bill Wyman, who he says is “sort of like my mentor, my older brother.”</p> <p>Just eleven years later, Frampton was on stage in San Francisco, recording <em>Frampton Comes Alive—</em>one of the biggest-selling live albums of all times. Frampton also talks about the challenges of his extraordinary achievement: “I don’t think anybody can be ready for that kind of success.”</p> <p><a href="">READ | Interview Transcript</a></p>